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Who We Are & What We Do

Our Philosophy...

We are a family-run company based in Raglan, New Zealand with the mission of pushing the New Zealand frontier of environmentally sustainable and high-quality residential construction practices in an affordable way.


We aim to reflect our love for New Zealand's nature through the way we build and live in our homes.

Complete Project Management.

Let us take over the stressful part of building for you. Dealing with the council, architects, suppliers and sub tradesmen can be difficult. Our team are experienced and will ensure you won't have any issues from start to finish.

Ten Year 

Back to Nature Carpentry only works with the finest sub-tradesmen on our projects. We ensure that their work is of the highest standard, with an eco-friendly attitude.

All of our work has a 10-year guarantee. If any of our work needs to be looked at within 10 years of completion, we'll happily do so free of charge.

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  • Our Naturepine timber is sourced from sustainably grown NZ plantations and treated only with copper and/or thermally

  • We always opt for eco-friendly/non toxic materials for each stage of the house build

  • We up-cycle materials, incorporating them into our unique projects

  • Through precise and efficient calculations, we minimise off-cuts - any leftover waste is recycled/disposed of responsibly

  • We trade with companies with sustainable practices and low carbon footprints

  • We donate a portion of proceeds from each project to the Trees that count foundation

  • We try to run on the most fuel efficient vehicle's as possible

How We're Eco-Friendly...
Licensed Master Carpenter

Company Director, Dylan Botha is a licensed master carpenter. After qualifying in his carpentry apprenticeship at 21 years old, Dylan committed to a lifelong goal of mastering his craft in Carpentry & Joinery. Having worked on various projects around the world, he has built his business upon the global best practices and high ethical standards which he has learnt and developed in his career. He specializes in high detail carpentry, joinery and design.


Dylan communicates well with his clients, building their vision and always includes them along the way, ensuring they are always satisfied with the finished project. The quality of the finished project is a testament to Dylan's pride in his craftsmanship.


The Team

We are a family run company - Mainly father and son duo - Jon & Dylan Botha.
After Covid hit in 2020, Jon joined the company and fulfilled a dream of working with his son on the building site . Both carry pride in their craft and tirelessly work to fulfill their goal of becoming regarded as the best eco-builders in New Zealand.

What Our Customers Say...

"I learned very quickly to trust in Dylan's skills. He has an eye for detail and is very much a perfectionist. You could not ask for more. He and his team were very tidy and cleaned up the worksite at the end of each day."

Katie Ann

"We have a busy household with 3 kids and 2 dogs, and we have always felt comfortable with Dylan in and around our home. He has worked with me to create and design within the restrictions of our property and is always open to ideas and making things a little different."

Jenna Callinan

"Dylan is a very professional and precise builder. His work was top-notch, will use  and completely recommend."

Mark Hampton

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