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Tropical Leaves

Eco Homes

All of the homes we build are Eco homes

Discover your own eco-friendly haven with our unique homes. Our eco-homes are designed for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, which is perfect for a family that loves to be outside and leave their doors open. Not only are our homes sustainable and energy efficient, but they are also made using the highest quality materials that are non-toxic and healthy. Our professional team of builders specializes in using New Zealand grown timber, thermally broken aluminium windows and doors, exothermic wool insulation, natural paint, and natural timber cladding, and a custom built kitchen made by us to provide the perfect home that is unique to each family.

Further more, the way we build is very important to us. Our eco homes are not a radical change to conventional building methods. In fact we aim to inspire more builders to making the easy switch themselves; by paving the way through extensive research of materials & suppliers so that we can provide access to better materials for a healthier and sustainable future for Aotearoa.

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